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[Tro Chemistry, 4e]
Chemistry, A molecular Approach (2017)

AP Chem Summer Assignment

You will be expected to know the information covered in your first year of chemistry course (Please know that College prep chemistry does not cover the same amount and depth as Honors Chemistry), thus preparing yourself for an assessment (TEST) worth up to 15% of your grade given on the second day of school. These chapters below are a review of what you should have learned in Chemistry last year and are foundational. These chapters do not cover everything you learned from your first year in chemistry, but you are still expected to have the basics understood from your first year chemistry course. The summer program is an important part of the AP course and serves two functions: 1) to keep you active as readers (you have to read this book or success will be more difficult), and 2) to prepare you for the level of material we will be learning throughout the academic year.
Assignment: [PDF2019]