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Dear Parents and Guardians...
[Table]Welcome to Mr. Schnell's Honors and AP Chemistry at Dougherty. My goals this year are to work with you to ensure that your child learns and understands chemistry. It is also my desire that all students have fun learning chemistry, as well as learn other skills important to life in general. Please don't hesitate to contact me via phone or if you ever have any questions, concerns about your child's performance, or have something great to share with me. Thank you! Let's work together toward a successful semester in chemistry!
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Parent Homework Assignment Due 8/24/18
Click the following link to complete the parent homework assignment - Assignment
This assignment must be completed by the due date or your child will receive 50% exceptions

The Goals of Mr. Schnell's Class. . .
[1] to produce students with personal appreciation and respect for life leading to a positive involvement with the environment
[2] to encourage students to practice rational, critical thinking based on objective observations and open-mindedness, which are the essential ingredients of the scientific method of inquiry
[3] to develop skills in manipulating materials and equipment for gathering, organizing and communicating scientific information based on observations and interpretations
[4] to ensure that the scientifically literate person has a substantial base of facts, concepts, processes and skills which enable that individual to continue to learn and think logically
[5] to have students appreciate the value of science and technology in society and to understand its limitations

— The AP Chemistry Exam is Monday May 9th, 2019 @ 8:00 AM - mark you calendars NOW
— Those taking the SAT II Subject test after H-Chem, sign up for *June* Test
— If you need extra help this year, don't wait until the last minute...ask your teacher and/or find a tutor
— Keep your grade at X5% or greater

Back to School Night - August 14Aug18
Please plan to come to Room 2207 to learn what your student will learn in Chemistry this year. View BTSN Slide Show 2018 - [PDF] - posted 8/21/18

Check Grades online...School Loop
Please make sure you check your student's grades periodically if you wish. If you have any concerns, please do talk to your student and/or contact me.

Mr. Schnell's Educational Background...
High School: Concord High School, Concord, CA
Colleges: Cal Poly, SLO
Credential: Chapman University
M.S. Education, Science Curriculum: Cal State University East Bay

B.S. Biochemistry - Cal Poly, SLO
Minor: Biotechnology - Cal Poly, SLO
Single Subject Credential in Chemistry and Biology - Chapman University
M.S. Education - Cal State University East Bay

Concord High School, Concord, CA - 8/03 - 6/05
Amador Valley High School - Pleasanton, CA - 8/05 - 6/07
Dougherty Valley High School - San Ramon, CA - Since 2007

My Teaching Philosophy... to put students into situations that require them to THINK. This allows for students to improve their higher order thinking skills. To also have fun while learning and I believe that giving students the right tools and "that extra push" can lead them to success. Students reaching beyond their abilities and increasing their confidence is important. Students need to be given the opportunity to learn what is needed to succeed in every aspect of their lives. I am happy to be their teacher and help.

Learning: acquiring knowledge and skills and having them readily available from memory so you can make sense of future problems and opportunities - Making It Stick

Links for Chemistry Parents...
   Adobe Application for reading PDF files
2018-19 Syllabi
AP Course Authorizations
California State Standards
AP Chemistry Course Description ( Fall of '13)
SAT II Subject Test Chemistry

| Mr. Schnell's Class Schedule for 2018 - 2019 |
| Room 2207 |

Period Course Meets Class Size
A AP M/T/Th/F  
1 Honors M/T/W/F  
2 Honors M/T/W/F  
3 Honors M/T/W/F  
4 AP M/T/Th/F  
5 AP M/T/Th/F  
6 OPEN M-F  
>>>> Modified Block Schedule [PDF]

[Cal Poly, SLO]
Best School Ever!

DVHS School Learner Outcomes (SLO's)...
At Dougherty Valley High School, we belive student will:
- Be able to communicate effectively
- Become critical thinkers and problem solvers who support ideas with reliable evidence
- Practice integrity, honestly, and ethical behavior as a global citizen
- Be a responsible partner in the learning process
- Take ownership of individual growth

DVHS Expectations...
All Students will:
[1] Accept responsibility for your education, decisions, words, and actions
[2] Act in a way that best represents your school, parents, community and self to promote a safe, healthy environment in which to learn
[3] Be active in the school and community
[4] Maintain balance between academics, co-curricular activities and personal life
[5] Support your fellow students and their activities
[6] Respect cultural diversity, individuality, and the choices and rights of others

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