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Some Handy Websites for Any Unit
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PLEASE NOTE: things with an star (*) are specific to Honors Chemistry

Stolen from Mrs. Farmer

Free Online Textbooks
  1. PDF of Modern Chemistry from another site

  2. Open Stax

  3. Natural Approach to Chemistry
  1. Mr. Schnell's YouTube

  2. QR Code Videos

Periodic Table with Equation Sheet on the back Common Ion Sheet (Regular)

Ion Sheet (Honors)*

AP Chemistry Random Resources
Google Drive Folder
CrashCourse Chemistry YouTube Videos Quizizz Website
Make Online Flashcards at Quizlet!
Great website with lots of quizzes and tutorials Practice Worksheets by Topic A YouTube channel with lots of helpful videos and tutorials Funny songs for all sorts of topics. Cheesey but helpful! A different school's website with some of our chapters
Chem 4 Kids Science Geek Website Lots of online review First Semester Review Quiz Mr. Carman's Practice Quizzes Periodic Table in Pictures
Tons of online quizzes Solubility Rules Search-A-Word Puzzle Generator Crossword Puzzle Generator Graph Paper
  Some Online Labs Online Calculator Some Online Simulations  
Extra Resources to Help You! - UNDER CONSTRUCTION
(Please let me know if you find anything helpful and I will add it!)
Unit Worksheets Videos Practice Tests Other
Metric Conversions
Density Practice
Significant Figures* (key)
Lab Safety
Metric Conversions

Dimensional Analysis - Short
Phy/Chem Change/Prop
Metric Conversions
Density Calculations
Chem/Phys Changes/Props
Dimensional Analysis
Dimensional Analysis Online Self Correcting Practice
Atomic Numbers
Electron Configuration
Atomic Numbers
Electron Configuration #1, #2
Bill Nye! Atoms
Atomic Numbers
Electron Configuration
Interactive Orbital Table
Overview of Orbitals
e- Config. Song
Nuclear Equations
Half Life Equations
Equations AND Half Life in One WS
Nuclear Equations
Half Life Equations
Nuclear Equations
Half Life Equations
Song about Nuclear Eq.s
Song About Half Life
The Periodic
Periodic Trends #1 , #2
Periodic Groups #1
Periodic Groups
Periodic Trends
Periodic Trends Quiz #1
Periodic Trends Quiz #2
Elemental Properties Song
The Periodic Table Song
Molecules and Compounds Naming Ionic
#1 #2 #3
Naming Covalent
#1 #2
Mixed Naming
#1 #2
Dot Diagrams
#1 #2 #3 #4
Naming and Formuls
Ionic Bonding
Covalent Bonding
Writing Ionic Formulas
Ionic Formulas 2
Naming Ionic Compounds
Writing Covalent Formulas
Naming Covalent Molecules
Dot Diagrams of Single Atoms
Dot Diagrams of Molecules - Scroll to "Lewis Structures" - lots of videos
Scroll Down to Ch. 3 for a bunch of quizzes!
Dot Diagrams
#1 #2
What Kind of Bonds Song
Lewis Structure PPT
Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon
Balancing Eq. and
Types of Rxns
Balancing Reactions
#1 #2 #3 #4
Word Reactions
#1 #2 #3
Types of Reactions
#1 #2 #3
Balancing Equations
Types of Reactions
Balancing Reactions
#1 #2 #3
Types of Reactions
#1 #2 #3
Predicting Products
Cartoon Worksheet for Types of Reactions
Chemical Quantities/ Stoichiometry Molar Mass
Molar Conversions 1
Molar Conversions 2

Stoichiometry WS 1
Stoichiometry WS 2
Molar Mass
Mole Conversion Videos - Scroll to "Mole Conversions"- lots of links
Stoich Videos
- Scroll to "Stoichiometry Problems"- lots of links
Molar Mass
Molar Conversions
Stoichiometry Problems
Unit Review Quiz
The Mole Song!
Review Fill in the Blanks
Gas Stoichiometry PPT*
Gases* Boyles Law WS*
Charles' Law WS*
Combined Law WS 1*
Combined Law WS 2*
Ideal Gas Law WS*
Gas Videos* - Scroll to "Gas Law Problems" -lots of links Coming Soon Coming Soon
Thermochemistry Specific Heat WS
Heating Curve Concepts Calculations
Heating Curve Animation
Thermo Videos - Scroll to "Thermochemical Calculations" - lots of videos
Coming Soon em cee delta T song
Endo vs Exo song
Solutions and Concentration Molarity
% concentration*
Concentration Videos - Scroll to "Calculation of Solution Concentration" - lots of links Coming Soon Coming Soon
Kinetics Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon
Equilibrium Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon
Acid Base Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon
Redox Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon
Polymers Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon