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Helpful Things for Class Labs!
Stolen From Mrs. Farmer
Lab Safety YouTube Video
This is the safety video that is part of the Lab Safety Assignment below. Make sure you watch it!
Lab Safety Contract
Must be signed and turned in by the first Friday of the school year!
Lab Safety Assignment
Must be completed by the first Friday of the school year!
Missed Lab Interview Form Absent for some part of the lab or lab write up? Follow the instructions below!
Not dressed
for the lab?
Absent JUST for
the lab itself?
Absent when the Post Lab portion was due? Absent for BOTH the lab
and when the Post Lab was due?
You will do a reading and take KCQ notes, or do practice problems. Turn in this classwork to the absent basket at the end of the lab period. After class, copy your lab group's data and do your post lab.
Print and fill out the Missed Lab Interview Form. Copy your lab group's data. Do your Post Lab assignment, just like if you had been there.
Fill out a Gold Form, staple it to your Post Lab, and turn it into the Absent Basket.
Print and fill out the Absent Lab Interview Form. Copy your lab group's data. Do your Post Lab just like if you had been there. Staple a Gold Form to your work and put it in the absent basket.
Post Lab
We will occasionally have pop quizzes in class that relate to labs we have done. If you actively participated in the lab, did assignments related to the lab, listened to Mr. Schnell talk about the lab then these will be a breeze! It is important that you *learn* from the lab, not just watch your classmates do the work, or copy the lab assignments from classmates.
Lab Skills PowerPoint
PowerPoint that goes over the important lab skills you will learn during the year. These can show up on Post Lab Quizzes!
Graph Paper
Periodic Table
Ion Sheet - Regular
Ion Sheet - Honors
Solubility Rules &
Activity Series
Examples and Requirements
These may not be the actual ones used, but at least it gives you an idea!
Honors and AP Pre-Lab and Post-Lab Guidelines
Honors and AP Post-Lab Two Pager Document
AP Title page with
Abstract Example
Regular Chem Post-Lab Sheets graded for points based on the worksheet or assignment given for that specific lab. You will be given instructions and expectations in class before each lab. Here is a link to the CER Checklist for when we do these CERs.